Elevator Maintenance Co., Inc. does not offer full maintenance contracts. We believe that we can reduce your costs over time with our preventative maintenance program and by charging you for only those repairs that are required (we do not build up a fund for repairs that may or may not be required sometime in the future). A lot of businesses attach disclaimers to their guarantees. Not EMCo. We want you to be completely satisfied with the work we do for you. When you place an order with EMCo., you expect the finished product to be satisfactory, and so do we. If you’re ever dissatisfied with the service you receive from EMCo., tell us – we will make it right.

Regular service customers:

  • Always receive priority for scheduled and unscheduled work
  • Received free emergency telephone monitoring (a $30-$40 per unit, per month value)
  • Get special allowances related to costs.

We are very particular about the quality and quantity of maintenance we perform – we do not sacrifice one for the other.

The following is a detailed description of the nature of our service operations and the maintenance/repair work performed by our mechanics:

Preventative Maintenance/Oil and grease service: This service includes making examinations of the equipment, including cleaning pit, car top, machine, motor, signal devices, interlocks and controller, greasing or oiling guides. It also includes making necessary minor adjustments at the time of regular service and furnishing lubricating oils and greases, and cleaning material. In addition, we will examine hoistway  enclosures, doors, hangers or closers, exterior enclosures, and soffit lighting. You will be informed if there is any need for repairs or code compliance work.

Trouble call/Repair service: This service includes the labor and materials for repairing elevator equipment including but not limited to: machine, motor, motor generator, signal devices, interlocks and controller, and control parts, coils, and resistors for motor and operating circuits, and mechanical parts, gears, worms, bearings, brake, chain, and pump unit including motor pump and valves. Accessory equipment: door operator, car door or gate hangers, contacts, and protective devices, car guide shoes, gibbs or rollers, and tank fluid level. We repair and/or replace travelling cables when necessary. We renew all wire ropes as often as necessary.

Annual safety inspections: We examine all safety devices including governors and conduct an annual noload or five-year full-load safety test. We provide a written report of the test results.